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Infohausnet offers the following Services

*  Market Research and Consultancy : Infohausnet provides a full client sponsored market research in the Philippine setting. Infohausnet has 53 experienced field researchers who are on call 24/7 for any research studies. Research can be done for all line of products.

Executive Interviews; Secondary Research Interviews; Recall & Impact Tracking; Usage Awareness & Image One-on-One Interviews; Focus Group Discussions; Intercept Interview; Telephone Interview; Online Survey & Performance and Satisfaction Evaluations 

*  Translation Services: Infohausnet offers translation services such as English to German and vice versa, and English to Tagalog and vice versa.

*  Transcription Services: Infohausnet offers transcription services for any audio material sent to us and done in a timely manner. Infohausnet edits as it transcribes hence saving time for both the clients and us. We transcribe business meetings, interviews, Presentations, etc.

*  Creation of Business Plans/Proposals, Feasibility Studies and Theses: We create business plans/Feasibility Studies and or Theses to clients who requires a defined set of ideas and strategies as a foundation for a short term or long term strategy for growth.

*   Website Design and Development: Complete website creation inclusive of website logo design, 5-10 web pages, Homepage design, two (2) revisions, Contact Us Form, etc. The control of the website will be transferred over to client 7 days after finalization.

*   Logo Design: A company's logo is one of its most important identifying mark. It's synonymous with an individual's name. Wherever it goes, or whatever it does, whether through its websites, emails, company paraphernalias (envelopes, giveaways, ADs) etc., and search engine utilization, the logo is the company's face or brand. The client just needs to reply to some initial questions, before Infohausnet can come up with a quote.

*   Data Entry:  Infohausnet provides data entry jobs to assist clients with the input and processing of data in various formats such as .doc, .txt, .pdf, .xls etc.

*   Data Conversion: Infohausnet will assist clients in the conversion of files from MS Doc to Ms Excel and vice versa, from MS Doc to .pdf format and vice versa, from MS Doc to .mdb and vice versa, etc.

*   Data Proofreading: Infohausnet provides proofreading assistance to clients who requires a second pair of eyes to ensure they haven't missed out anything. Proofreading is a vital piece of editorial excellence and most of our clients have requested repeats due to our highly educated staff and their proofreading expertise.

*   Infohausnet provides Social Media Optimization services i.e. Facebook Marketing, Facebook Page Creation and update, Facebook Like, Social Media Profile Creation, Twitter Marketing, Twitter Follower, Youtube Marketing, Youtube Votes and Likes, Google+ Circle, Pinterest pin, Digg, etc. 

*  Craigslist or Classified AD Postings 

*  DATA Mining 

*  Email Marketing and Bulk Marketing