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Our Team

Infohausnet's greatest resource is its team of experienced professionals. Our worldwide clients are served by an infohausnet team who have professional qualifications and whose backgrounds include many years of experience not just in the data entry and research field but in various industry. They have merged such varied experiences in the data entry, data processing, data proofreading and research industry and have created a multifaceted research company. Infohausnet is committed to providing its clients with friendly, courteous and responsive personalized service of superior quality.

Faith M. Fernandez:   Managing Director

Faith is a former newspaper administrator with national circulation. She is a consulting Industrial Management Engineer with more than 20 years experience, including 7 years as an administrator of a national newspaper and three years as a Commodities and Research Analyst of a multinational company based in Bahrain. As Managing Director, Faith's primary responsibility is to market, supervise, plan, design and support work for infohausnet.

Charity M. Fernandez:   Director for Operations

Charity manages, plan, design, implement and administer any of infohausnet's defined data entry, data processing, data proofreading and market research projects including all aspects of the Code of Research Standards and Ethics compliance. With nearly 6 years experience in data entry and research activities' planning, design, administration and implementation, she has been instrumental in discovering new methodologies in decreasing respondent's refusals in field market studies and streamlining actual research procedures and forms. Charity received her degree of Psychology from                          the Far Eastern University, Manila.

Janet Guiang:   Director for Marketing

 Janet is where the maxim, "Never underestimate the quiet person'..." applies to the letter. A most unassuming woman but who could as the old adage goes "sell ice cream to the Eskimos..." She handles the marketing phase of the infohausnet's team. Janet can persuade the most demanding client to entrust their corporate data entry and research campaigns to the infohausnet team. Janet acquired her Advertising and Marketing skills from Miriam College of Quezon City.

Ruth Fernandez-Bayaua:   Administrative Manager and Overall Data Entry Head

Ruth is the consummate Administrator. A skilled and veteran data entry specialist and market researcher of numerous projects sponsored by major research companies both local and multinational. Ruth is in charge of infohausnet’s research logistics. Being an experienced researcher she further focuses her abilities in handling all data entry specialists, data processors and field researchers alike and does this in the most humane and skillful manner. Ruth has special talent for researching and analyzing data effectively due in part to her exceptional skills in using relevant software programs and her demonstrated ability to maximize the use of the Internet. Ruth holds a degree in Bachelor of Science and Business Administration from the Philippine Women's University, Manila.