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"Excellence is always impossible with a disengaged heart and the highest achievable level of service comes from the heart! So far the company that reaches its people’s heart will provide the very best service…” to quote Hal Rosenbluth (CEO of Rosenbluth Travel).  Infohausnet was formed and founded using those very profound words as their guiding principle. At infohausnet we believe in our people, we believe in sharing and we believe in working as ONE. Each of our team’s opinion is as important as the head of the company’s opinion.

Our data entry specialists and researcher’s have honed their skills to perfection and will take risk to learn something new everyday in order to further Infohausnet's objectives. At infohausnet there is only one rule: Use your good judgment at all times. We have the talent, the versatility and the ingenuity to pursue any challenges we meet. Our researchers are veterans of major research projects of established research companies here in the Philippines and abroad. Infohausnet follows to the letter, the Code of Standards and Ethics of Research Organizations such as MORES and CASRO.

Company Profile

Infohausnet will provide full-service client sponsored research project and consultancy. Infohausnet will assist clients in the design, implementation, administration and communication of a wide range of data entry, data processing and research activities. We are committed to providing these services to our clients in a timely, accurate and cost-effective manner.  Our Team is dedicated to helping clients implement data and research projects that promote corporate goals and objectives and control costs.

Infohausnet is in the business of serving our clients. We are proud of our team, diligently working to make sure that the data entry, data processing and research services are presented in a timely and effective fashion. We oversee all aspects of data entry, data processing and research, from initial issue identification to targeting specific client needs, to assessing opinion leader and public opinion, to developing and presenting reports and furthering consulting efforts. In addition to our data entry, proofreading, processing, actual field work and research analysis, infohausnet provides on-going consulting for companies who wish to have a continual source of the most up-to-date information on political and public policy issues across the nation.